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Nothing like the sweet taste of feet...

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Found an excellent gem today in Entertainment Weekly We will start by an interview with series creator Ryan Murphy:

I love those guys and I did feel an obligation to stay with them — I just didn't think we could make the new deal work. It wasn't just about wanting to make more money for myself. I also wanted more money for the show. I was at a point where I was begging for extra chicken fat for the surgery scenes. A network show costs in the $2 million-plus range and we were at $1.4 million. But it ended up well. I don't think I signed the deal until last December — two months after the second-season finale. The budget's at $1.9 million now, and the network agreed to let me do movies at the same time.

Sure there was no way he could have scaled back budgetwise? Fewer high profile guest apperances probably could have helped greatly in slashing things down.

This really should bode well for the future of the show. We have all heard stories about how due to campaigning by the PTC, no matter how good the ratings, Nip/Tuck has trouble filling up advertising spots. I'm sure the execs at FX are more than happy to be funding this show on a higher than average budget, especially now that it is competiting with shows on the big networks.

This article is a double whammy, not only is it good for bashing Ryan Murphy, but also Julian McMahon, who gives excellent, insightful quotes into his character, and the show in general:

What do you want to see happen to Christian this season?
I'd like to get back to that guy who is rich and making money and having lots of sex.

What about character development? Further exploration of the inner workings of Christian Troy? Anyone who has read the spoilers for the show knows that there is going to be a lot happening to Christian during the upcoming season, yet all Julian wants is the character being the "rich guy having lots of sex." Very impressive for a Golden Globe nominated actor.
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