mscranky2003 (mscranky2003) wrote in nip_tuck_rants,

Welcome All

Got the idea for this community after a discussion in Julian Hate

I agreed with an anonymous poster who thought that Ryan Murphy shot himself in the foot by delaying the show to premiere during the regular season. It looks like FX is retaliating by giving the show significantly less publicity for the upcoming season. It is one thing when The Sopranos, which is more a long running HBO film, than a TV show "skips seasons," but Nip/Tuck is not The Sorpranos; it is a show which has gotten by mainly because it was on an an off network during the off season. The way Murphy kept putting off season three was an extremely stupid mistake, especially since during the real season, newer, more innovative shows came out. I think, with competition from shows on the regular networks, Nip/Tuck is a sitting duck. However, in some ways I feel bad for the actors, but I think Bruno Campos, Joely Richardson and Dylan Walsh will be able to move on. As for Julian McMahon, you can all guess how I feel.
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