mscranky2003 (mscranky2003) wrote in nip_tuck_rants,

This Week's Rant

Was it me, or did it feel like something was wrong with this week's episode? While I don't mind the spa storyline, it really felt like a spin off where they were going to do a second show about Gina, Liz and Julia running their own spa. If they wanted to turn Nip/Tuck into more of an ensamble show it should have been done a bit more gradually, and had the spa as a background plot running from at least the start of the season. If this were my first time watching I would think this was a show about the three ladies running their spa, and not about the practice of two plastic surgeons.

On that note, what made them feel the need to rip the heart of this show out, the practice of McNamara Troy? Doing it so quickly, was very jarring. I wonder if there isn't friction behind the scenes between Julian McMahon, Dyaln Walsh and perhaps some of the other cast members? Upon a close inspection, one will notice that there was not one face to face interaction between Sean and Christian in this week's episode. Neither was there any between Sean and Julia, or Sean and Dr. Costa. They seem to have very quickly dropped the arc about the Carver and Matt, no mention of either this week. What prompted Ryan Murphy to do this?

On that note am a bit glad that were not quick to shove Dr. Costa down our throats and have storylines about him right off the bat. I still wonder if he is intended as Julian's possible replacement.
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This show has been getting on my nerves lately! I stopped watching full on a few weeks ago. But checked out snippets here and there. It's losing it's bite....
Glad to see you back Bacardivamp!

I think part of the problem is that the shock value, which kept this show going its first few seasons is vanishing. What specifically has been getting on your nerves?

Much of what I loved about the show was Dr. Troy's bare ass! And the season opening sex was lame. But I still watched 'cos I love me some Bruno Campos as well. The whole "Frankenlaura" and the Carver plot is what mainly annoyed me....

Oh, good to be back, dear Craky One!
Frankenlaura was another one of the show's attempts to go over the line, and just came off as lame. Having plastic surgeons put dead people back together again, isn't the job of morticians or pathologists? And to go over the line even more, lets make the crazy person make love to his creation? Can the show go even further, oh yes it can why not make it the guy's sister? This show has already done mother son insest, but they haven't covered brother sister yet!

The carver is something which belongs on a daytime soap, not Nip/Tuck.

Saw the previews for next week, and I think you should be getting an ample Bruno Campos fix.