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RE: I think he is hanging on by a thread

Decided to make a main post out of the post by veggiewrap below. Didn't want it getting burried under a ton of replies. Also since it is long

I agree with you that the actor who plays Matt is right on the money. I was referring to the three key players when I said JM was the only one who could act.

I think both Dylan Walsh and Joely Richardson are HORRIBLE. If Julia flares her nostrils one more time or runs her hands through her hair to express emotion, please. Dylan is just wooden. There's just nothing there but empty stares.

I still think Julian McMahon is a horrid actor, but after watching this season's Nip/Tuck episodes Dylan Walsh is becoming an increasingly wooden nice guy. I don't mind Joely Richardson that much, part of the reason why she was cast seems to be her shrewyness. However duing last night's episode the British accent started to slip.

Last night's ep didn't really have enough Julian for me to snark on, however I have been hearing the Aussie accent a bit this season. In addition, picture another actor in the role, and consider how he may have handled the character.

I'm sure I will stop watching the show when JM leaves. The poor guy has nothing but threads to hang on to. The show is just horrible, it's awful. Last night was painful. I'm just waiting for Sean and Julia to get together and have a baby as the final nail in the show's coffin. The child will be born this season and then be 8 years old with an incurable disease next season.

Please please spare me, this show does not need another daytime cliche. I'm surprised we haven't seen a character getting sick and needing a bone marrow transplant from a long lost relative.

Last night's story line was ridiculous, Julia and Gina opening a medical recovery spa. I've been trying to get land subdivided for over a year. God bless them with the speed in which they move on that show. Nothing flows, no show locks into the next. Things happen and then they just fall off the face of the earth, never to be mentioned again. Didn't Christian just meet his birth mother last week? Wasn't he just arrested as the Carver? I would think it would merit a passing comment.

Totally agree there, this show is really losing it's touch. While it was a bit contrived, I didn't mind the storyline about Julia and Gina. In some ways I enjoyed seeing the show focus on those two characters and Julia doing something other than being the harping ex wife. The business relationship between them was very similar to that of Christian and Sean, except in this Julia was the prude and Gina was the sexually open one.

What I found silly was the fact that Troy and McNamara were struggling to make money and that the entire practice folded like a house of cards. Seems like there is a huge demand for plastic surgery these days, and that people would come to them despite rumors heard. Last season wasn't Meril Bobolit doing plastic surgery underground, to people who ordinarily couldn't afford it? I think having Sean advertising at the nursing home, and the two of them doing what was usually a mortician's job was totally ridiculous.

Anyways, another person was attacked while Christian was in jail, his name was cleared, he is not the carver. Can't they just find someone in the Public Relations industry who needs surgery, in exchange for some good, professionally done PR?

I had really hoped JM would have gotten the Bond role. I know you would've been horrified. My husband was adamant that he was not even in the running. I think he would have been right on as Bond. I think the poor guy has been typecast and will never recover from this silly show. I'd love to see him do a romantic lead, but I think he's tied to Murphy for another year and his offers have dwindled to little more than cartoon characters.

Ah, as I said on another board about a year ago, Nip/Tuck would make him typecast a lot more than Charmed. Personally I think he would have been better off if he had just stuck it out on Charmed for a few more seasons. While he may not have scored the temporary career high that Nip/Tuck had given him he could have had a successful career as a TV regular. He would have been actor who hops from TV show to TV show, a sitcom here, a crime drama there, works steadily but isn't horribly well known. Unfortunately these days he seems to have become typecast for his Nip/Tuck character and "baring all," without possessing the necessary charisma to pull off more complex characters.

I never watched Charmed, but I have an idea of why you think he's an arrogant jerk for having just ditched the show. I can fully understand your position. I don't want you to think that I've come on this site as a JM advocate (ha ha). I'm just here to vent to an intelligent person about how horrible this once promising show has become. You and I are pretty much on the same page about how badly the show has tanked. If JM had left this show in its prime, I would have the same feelings as you. Maybe you think he's getting what he deserved. Maybe he is. Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for understanding my point with Charmed and why I feel the way I do about him. It might be worth it for you to watch the reruns of the show's third through fifth season to get an idea of how Julian McMahon handles another complex character.

Also thanks for chosing this site to vent, seems a lot of Nip/Tuck fandom is afraid of this site because of my opinions about Julian McMahon as an actor.

Glad that you are saying that you would feel the same way I did if Julian left this show at it's prime. In all honesty had he done that it would have been very interesting. While you would feel the way I felt about Chamred, the rest of the Julian fans, especially the ex Charmed fans would find a way to blame Ryan Murphy and continue to follow Julian like sheep. In some ways they would have deserved it for following him over to Nip/Tuck after what he did on Charmed. If you read the message boards, the Julian fans seem to enjoy Nip/Tuck regardless of what is done with the character.

I really can't say he is getting what he deserves at this point. Fantastic Four was a hit at the box office, and we keep hearing about his new indie Prisoner, which we never know if it will stay in the vaults never to be released, or be released and do well in the indie circuit. However I am hoping that Prisoner never gets released and after Fantastic Four sequel, he fades into obscurity.
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